Acute/Chronic Pain

Treating Acute & Chronic Pain with LumaCare Duo

Whether treating chronic pain or as part of your acute pain therapy plan, LumaCare makes treatment easily affordable and accessible. LumaCare laser therapy can help alleviate the debilitating impact pain can have on your everyday life.

For acute pain management, LumaCare acute pain treatment can help boost blood flow and oxygenation. Conversely, pain medications mask symptoms and have been shown to decrease oxygen saturation.

Chronic pain from cartilage loss, arthritis, injury, etc. can be treated easily with the flexible LumaCare Duo. It’s uniquely designed to target the source of pain with 2-8 times more coverage than other LLLT devices.  Treating chronic pain with cold laser therapy can reduce inflammation and improve cellular recovery.

Arthritis Pain

People of all ages suffer from arthritis. This debilitating pain could be due to the normal aging of our bodies, or it could be brought on by a sports injury, recreational activity (playing too hard), or a work related injury. We offer an affordable, convenient device for treating chronic pain.

The LumaCare Duo has 3 different settings to help increase blood flow to those troubled areas-creating the ability to reduce inflammation and pain.

Think about it! The ability to reduce pain through a simple and totally pain free treatment.

Athletic Recovery

If you or one of your patients is involved in athletics or dance, there are bound to be consistent aches, pains, and injuries. It is part of the process of exercising and improving.

The LumaCare Duo is perfect for these types of injuries, improving muscle recovery. Set the treatment level through the simple control screen; adjust the treatment heads to make direct contact with injured/sore area and start the acute pain management treatment. The process is simple, quick, easy, and painless.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain caused by inflammation can be debilitating, depressing, and exhausting. Are you or one of your patients experiencing pain in a joint, muscle, or somewhere else that just doesn't seem to go away?

The LumaCare Duo, because of its simplicity in operation and use, is the perfect solution. The pulsating delivery of pain relieving light is a welcome relief. Cold laser therapy for chronic pain has been used in pain management for years and LumaCare Duo makes it easy to access and apply.

Foot, Ankle, and Knee Pain

We all have various pains or injuries in our lower extremities at some point in our lives. If you're a runner, dancer, or you work all day on your feet, you know what we're talking about. Treating these areas can be awkward or difficult. Comfortable and relaxing treatment means you'll be more willing to get the help you need.

The LumaCare Duo is adjustable to conform to many parts of the body. It's lightweight and easy to hold on that awkward spot. You can relax and let the LumaCare Duo work its healing therapy.

Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Pain

When pain and injuries occur to hands, wrists, elbows, or shoulders it can be difficult to hold a treatment device with one hand and at the correct angle.

The LumaCare Duo is one of the lightest and most adjustable Laser Light Therapy devices available. Since it has two treatment heads, you get the treatment you need in half the time!

Advanced therapeutic laser to treat acute pain & chronic injuries.

The LumaCare Duo is the first handheld Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) system to utilize two emitter heads instead of one. Many users will be able to see faster results and save time with its pulsing, triple wavelength Cold Laser solution. Users can adjust the two articulating arms and the dual rotational emitter heads of the patented LumaCare Duo to treat various injury locations.

Therapeutic laser light can be directed at the injured tissue from two directions at the same time. Having two emitter heads also allows LumaCare Duo users to focus more Infrared and visible Red light over a wider area. Users may also choose to implement only one emitter head as desired.

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