Arthritis Pain

Treatment for Arthritis Pain

Treatments for arthritis pain often include medications, and NSAIDs and opioids don’t come without health risks, especially when taken for long periods of time.

The LumaCare Duo enables users to access arthritis pain treatment at home using non-invasive laser light therapy that’s easy to administer and penetrates deeply to reach nerves and joint tissue. Find deep joint pain relief without the risk associated with other drug-based treatments for arthritis pain.

What Does Cold Therapy Feel Like?

Cold therapy treatment for arthritis is painless; you’ll feel no heat and no vibrations. Treatment usually lasts minutes. Typically, patients find LumaCare Duo cold therapy treatments relaxing.

Don’t let arthritis limit your enjoyment in life. Take this portable LLLT device while you travel to treat acute or chronic arthritis whenever pain relief is needed. LumaCare Duo provides 2-8 times coverage of other Cold Lasers in its class, boosting oxygenation, increasing blood flow, and reducing inflammation.

Arthritis pain treatment at home is as easy as a push of the button!

Treating Wrist Injuries & Arthritis Pain with LumaCare Duo

Video Transcript

So today, our patient has shown up with uncomfortableness in her wrists; a little bit of pain.

And so we’re going to treat it with a 5 or 7 minute treatment cycle on the LumaCare Duo. 

Once we have adjusted for her particular wrist, we push the red button to turn it on.

Once it’s positioned properly, we push the red button again, and the LumaCare Duo begins treatment.

Every 5 seconds it will beep, letting the patient know that treatment is underway, and it’s that simple.

Push the red button and it’s up and running.

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