LumaCare Duo™
The moment you use the LumaCare Duo you’ll notice it’s different than other Low Level Laser Therapy devices on the market today.
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LumaCare Ark™
The LumaCare Ark™ is a new approach to Low Level Laser Therapy for animals.
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Acute/Chronic Pain
Treat new injuries and chronic pain with the LumaCare Duo™ Cold Laser Therapy system.
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Vet and Pet Owners
Doctors of Veterinary Medicine use Cold Laser Therapy to deliver pulsing Red and Infrared light to chronic and traumatic injury sites which helps decrease pain and reduce recovery times for animals.
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Medical Professionals
For decades medical professionals have used the unique properties of Cold Laser Therapy to deliver pulsating Red and Infrared light to chronic and traumatic injury sites.
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LumaCare Cold Laser Therapy

LumaCare devices provide portable, handheld cold laser therapy powerful enough for clinical use but safe enough for home use. Access low level laser therapy whenever needed, in three different wavelengths. LumaCare low level laser therapy can help treat musculoskeletal pain, proven in clinical trials to have a good effect on pain, inflammation and tissue repair in humans and pets.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

A Cold Laser emits a photon (light) energy beam which affects our body on a cellular level. As photons penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the cells, the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) are stimulated and produce more ATP (the energy unit of the cell). This process increases blood flow and cellular growth, which may decrease inflammation and improve overall cellular function, thus aiding the body in healing itself.

a female dr treating a patients ankle with the lumacare duo
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Introducing the LumaCare Duo

The new standard in Cold Laser therapy. Designed for treating minor, traumatic, and chronic injuries. 

a hand selecting options on the lumacare duo screen

Low Level Laser Therapy in the palm of your hand.

  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Powerful enough for clinical use but safe enough to use at home
  • 8 times the power of cold laser therapy units with similar wavelengths 
  • Two significantly larger treatment areas
  • No heat or pain during treatment
  • Cost significantly lower than other cold lasers in similar category

Get the LumaCare Duo now!

  • lumacare duo lit up and ready for use

    Advanced therapeutic laser to treat acute pain & chronic injuries. The LumaCare Duo™ is the first handheld Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) system to utilize two emitter heads instead of one. Many users will be able to see faster results and save time with its pulsing, triple wavelength Cold Laser solution. Users can adjust the...

    $400.00 / month
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Pulsating lasers across 3 wavelengths.

Through thousands of peer-reviewed articles, studies, and reports, a clear approach has emerged supporting benefits of using pulsating versus continuous lasers for most LLLT treatments. 

close up of the end of a lumacare duo with various lasers lit up

50+ years of Cold Laser options.

a man treating his shoulder pain

The LumaCare Duo Advantage.

30 Laser Diodes/LEDs at 905nm, 808nm, and 670nm. Each LumaCare Duo™ emitter head features 15 Infrared and Red LED’s/Diodes: Four (4) Lasers at 905nm (deep tissue/joint), six (6) Lasers at 808nm (medium depth), and five (5) LED’s at 670nm (surface/skin).

Cold Lasers are designed to help improve blood flow, boost oxygenation, reduce inflammation & pain, and enhance cellular recovery for traumatic and chronic injuries. 

The visible Red and invisible Infrared wavelengths with the best patient outcomes have been found in three bandwidths:

  • from 650-675 nanometers (nm)
  • from 800-825nm
  • from 900-925nm
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